Investigation in order to defined the technological process of obtaining fillers for use in various industries on the basis of limestone 'Gigovići'-Ulcinj

Radulović Dragan S. , Petrov Milan , Bogdanović Grozdanka , Andrić Ljubiša , Božović Darko
Institute of Technology of Nuclear and Other Mineral Raw Materials - ITNMS, Belgrade, Serbia , University of Belgrade, Technical Faculty, Bor, Serbia , Geological Survey, Podgorica, Montenegro
This paper presents results of investigations of the possibility of using 'Gigovići'-Ulcinj limestone (Republic Montenegro) as filler in various industry branches. Micronization methods, granulometric composition, oil and water absorption and degree of whiteness were investigated, and chemical and thermal analyses (DT/TG) were performed. Physico-chemical properties of this limestone classify it among high quality carbonate raw materials with relatively high CaCO3 content of 98.16 %, as well as low MgCO3 content of 1.53 % and low silicate content (SiO2 0.30 %). Its quality satisfies requirements of standards on using of calcium carbonate as filler in industry of paints and coatings; paper industry, rubber and PVC industry; glass industry; production of mineral fertilizers; foundry industry; sugar industry and metallurgy. Due to the low degree of whiteness (85.25 %) 'Gigovići' limestone cannot be used in pharmaceutical and cosmetics industry. Due to relatively high content of MgO (0.73 %) and Fe (340 ppm), as well as high content of heavy metals, Cu (18 ppm), Ni (24 ppm) and Cd (9 ppm), 'Gigovići' limestone cannot be used, in production of cattle feed and for neutralization of acidic soils.
Journal of Mining and Metallurgy. Section A: Mining
University of Belgrade, Technical Faculty Bor